State Executive Board Member & Maui Division Secretary Douglas K. Correia spends most of his free time with UPW activities, from community outreach events to supporting the picket line at the MHS strike. He consistently volunteers his time to support the UPW family. “My Mom was part of UPW back in 93, and she used to be a park caretaker,” said Doug. “‘ Union Strong’ started with my family, so I just continued it.” 

By day, Doug works as a building maintenance worker for the State of Hawaii Department of Transportation Maui Division. He drives dump trucks, operates street sweepers, and assists other maintenance workers in repairs. A member since June 4, 2015, he attributes his growth as a worker to UPW’s support, saying, “UPW helped me and my fellow workers tackle some of these situations at hand. To better understand the language that we needed to address with our employer. To have a better workplace and a little bit safer environment.”

For Doug, the greatest benefit of being a UPW member is his sense of community and family with other members. “I got more involved, so I could get more familiarized with the members. Instead of just a name on a piece of paper, they have a face to my name.”

Doug recently participated in the Labor of Love event and actively supported the Maui Health System Strike. He was also helpful in the Maui Emergency Food Distribution. He plans to participate in more events in the future and hopes to rise through the ranks within the Maui Division Board and the State Executive Board.

“To me, why members should be involved is how I always talk about that family environment. UPW Strong is just like Family Strong,” Doug emphasized. Through volunteerism and solidarity, UPW members like Doug build a family that supports and uplifts one another.

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