Maui Health System Members should check the Strike Information Page for daily updates. This is a resource page where you can find valuable information about the strike, including the strike plan. The strike plan includes essential details about picket line locations, strike rules, and instructions on what to do in an emergency. The document also answers many questions about the strike, financial planning, community help and resources, and more.


United Public Workers Reject New Contract with Maui Health System

KAHULUI, MAUI (March 20, 2023) – Members of the United Public Workers AFSCME, Local 646, AFL-CIO have rejected Kaiser’s Maui Health System, with an overwhelming number of members voting NO to the latest three-year contract offer.

United Public Workers AFSCME, Local 646, AFL-CIO State Director Kalani Werner said, “Once again, Kaiser’s Maui Health System has undervalued our healthcare heroes. Our members deserve to be treated fairly and compensated appropriately, and the recent offer from Maui Health System does neither. The latest proposed wage increases still leave many skilled employees making less than the market rate and do not keep up with the inflation rate. The Employer has proven time and time again that they have money for traveling staff but spare none for the loyal local families that serve their community. Although frontline workers put their lives at risk through the pandemic, hospital management repeatedly fails to do what’s right and give them the respect they deserve.”

Nurses aides, respiratory therapists, housekeepers, cooks, and other workers at Maui Memorial Medical Center, Kula Hospital, and Lanai Community Hospital have been on strike since Feb. 22, 2023. The workers are committed to holding the line, and picketing will continue until a fair deal is reached.

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Above, in the background: Early members of UPW commissioned our Henry B. Epstein Headquarters on Oahu and a six-panel mural by world famous artist Jean Charlot to adorn the building (featured here).

“On Strike at the State Capitol”, Ceramic Tile Mural Panel 1, Jean Charlot, UPW Headquarters (A view from under the papaya tree). Frustration and resentment over the state legislature’s failure to act on proposed salary increases prompted a mass work stoppage by government blue-collar workers in 1970. UPW expected a turnout of 1,000, but more than 3,000 Union members turned out at the newly constructed state capitol building to demonstrate in support of long overdue wage raises and Collective Bargaining Law. The overall effect of the demonstration was one of controlled energy and determination. Refreshments appeared. Musicians and dancers took over. A relaxed atmosphere punctuated by spontaneous remarks of friendly legislators developed. Impromptu dancing and signing groups drew their own circles of rapt attention.

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