80-yrs Timeline
80 Years of Hard Work

Since 1944 United Public Workers has been at the forefront of the fight for safe working conditions in Hawaii. Learn our storied history

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Review a list of the candidates our PAC Committee has vetted and selected for endorsement in the 2024 Primary Election.

Officer Elections
State Officers Nominations and Elections

United Public Workers will conduct nominations and elections for State Director, State President, and State Secretary-Treasurer

Our Member Services

We provide union representation to more than 13,000 hard-working members.

Field Services

Our union's Field Services department provides advocacy and support for workers within Bargaining Units 1 and 10, as well as those in the Private Sector.

Legal Services

Union-provided legal services offer members access to private attorneys who can assist with legal issues, ensuring their rights are protected and their interests represented.

Political Action

Our Government Affairs services empower members to participate in political action and protect their wages and benefits.

Fiscal and Membership

Union membership can provide fiscal benefits such as higher wages and better benefits, as well as membership benefits such as access to training and job security.

Legislative Action

We advocate for members' interests through legislative action to ensure their needs are considered in important decision-making, allowing us to shape policies and laws effectively.

Other Services

All members can stay updated on union activities and access valuable resources through Malama Pono, our quarterly newsletter.

The Decision to Stand United

Taking root in a desire among Hawaii plantation workers for better wages, hours and work conditions, the United Public Workers was founded in 1944.

A small group of Hilo road workers, who saw the success of ILWU organizing on plantations and wanting better for themselves and their families, began organizing. The main issue for the group was the lack of work for per diem workers, who were often hired for only five or 10 days a month.

We Got Your Back

"United Public Workers proudly represents over 13,000 dedicated individuals in both the public and private sectors. As the State Director, I am deeply honored to lead this extraordinary group of individuals who drive progress and elevate the standards of labor in our state. Together, we have achieved remarkable milestones, and we are determined to achieve even more in the future. We will continue to make a significant impact, shaping a future where every worker enjoys fair compensation, reasonable working hours, and safe, supportive environments."

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State Officers Notice of Nominations and Election

United Public Workers, Local 646, AFSCME, AFL-CIO, (UPW) will conduct nominations and elections for the following State Officers: (1) STATE DIRECTOR, (1) STATE PRESIDENT, (1) STATE SECRETARY-TREASURER


I AM UPW: Oahu Division | Honolulu EMS

With United Public Workers encompassing over 12,000 members throughout the state, we want to introduce your fellow UPW brothers and sisters and share how they support our local communities.

Membership Benefits

We partner with various businesses to offer member discounts on products and services.

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