UPW State Director visits with Kaua`i division members at Section 8 meetings.

Section 8 Meetings Postponed

Due to the rising number of COVID positive cases, UPW regrets having to postpone scheduled Section 8 Meetings, effective immediately and until further notice.

Elections 2022

Elections for Division and Unit Officers, Stewards and Delegates are underway!

For complete information on COVID-19, vaccinations, testing, and quarantine, please visit

Update Your Contact Information

Please update your contact info to keep up-to-date on union news, activities, and updates.

Latest UPW News

Above, in the background: Early members of UPW commissioned our Henry B. Epstein Headquarters on Oahu and a six-panel mural by world famous artist Jean Charlot to adorn the building (featured here).

“On Strike at the State Capitol”, Ceramic Tile Mural Panel 1, Jean Charlot, UPW Headquarters (A view from under the papaya tree). Frustration and resentment over the state legislature’s failure to act on proposed salary increases prompted a mass work stoppage by government blue-collar workers in 1970. UPW expected a turnout of 1,000, but more than 3,000 Union members turned out at the newly constructed state capitol building to demonstrate in support of long overdue wage raises and Collective Bargaining Law. The overall effect of the demonstration was one of controlled energy and determination. Refreshments appeared. Musicians and dancers took over. A relaxed atmosphere punctuated by spontaneous remarks of friendly legislators developed. Impromptu dancing and signing groups drew their own circles of rapt attention.

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