On April 1st, 2023, the Oahu Division held the “Easter Family Gathering 2023” at Halawa District Park. The event was organized by State Executive Board Delegate Abbue Kaliko and Vice President of the Oahu Division Board Patricia Hoopii, along with Oahu Division Volunteers and Parks and Recreation. The event aims to bring joy to the children’s day with fun games, prizes, and great food in the spirit of Easter.

During the event, the members walked along the park hiding Easter eggs for the children, who were excited to participate. Aunty Patricia yelled, “UPW!” and the children scrambled around the field to grab any egg they could find. The Egg Hunt was followed by a foot relay race, a three-legged race, and an egg balancing race. All the children received a prize, including water guns, blankets, notebooks, and crayons from Patricia Hoopii.

The Easter gathering ended in the afternoon, and families finished their food plates and stored some for later. Volunteers packed the canopy, tables, and trash, and the children left with smiles, holding their prizes. Mahalo to those who attended and volunteered this past Saturday. Have a blessed Easter!

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