Comprised of our three State Officers and Executive Boards from all divisions (Private Sector, Kauai, Oahu, Maui, and Hawaii Island), the State Executive Board conducts the business of our Union during the period of three years when our Convention is not in session. Customarily held on Saturday mornings, meeting notices are posted in the Malama Pono newsletter.

State Officers

State Director: Dayton M. Nakanelua
State President: James Wataru
State Secretary-Treasurer: Vacant

Private Sector Division

Vice President: Saifagaloa T. Mauai
Secretary: Mailelynn P. Licos
Treasurer: Deelou Sotoa
Delegate: Vacant

Maui Division

Vice-President: Vacant
Secretary: Lorena Kashiwamura
Treasurer: Alvin G. Auwae, Jr.

Vacant (Lanai & Molokai)

Kauai Division

Vice-President: George W. Abalos
Secretary: Teresita C. Tagudin
Treasurer: Tracey Camara
Delegate: Manuel S. Taniguchi

Hawaii Division

Vice-President: Alton K. Nosaka
Secretary: Sheralyn K. Kalua
Treasurer: Gilbert G. Kahele

Konrad K. Kaipo
Stafford W. Uemura

Oahu Division

Vice-President: James Werner
Secretary: Justin Yamada
Treasurer: Patricia L. Ho’opi’i


Annastacia K. Kanahele Simeona
Conrad J. Caravalho
Naomi Nishida -Agustin
Howard K. Kahue Jr.
Bernard Kuamo`o Jr.
Wyatt G. Lee
Melita P. Among

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