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Message from State Director Dayton M. Nakanelua

Interim Report of the State Director

Our Union Our Family, Health and Wellness 1st


In July and August 2019, the AFSCME Audit Department team reviewed the financial records of the UPW and transmitted a draft audit report dated October 2, 2019.  The draft audit report identified deficiencies in our financial practices and procedures.  A brief summary of the AFSCME audit report and my response is necessary.  Generally, the audit addressed improving documentation for expenditures and reimbursements, establishing a PAC budget with detailed expenditures, improving the monitoring and reporting of loyalty program points and gift cards, assessing and addressing legal expenses, reassessing audit trail and filing system, and developing and/or updating policies and procedures. 

A response to the draft audit report was sent to the AFSCME Audit Department on November 2, 2019.  Included in the response was a UPW Management Plan and a UPW Status Matrix.  These documents outline the UPW’s plan to address the areas of concern raised by the audit and the anticipated timeframe when certain components of the plan are to be accomplished. 

As State Director, I am the Chief Administrator and Principle Executive of the the Union, and therefore hold myself accountable for the safeguarding of the Union’s funds. I openly welcome the audit by AFSCME, take seriously their findings and recommendations, and commit to doing everything necessary in order to uphold the confidence the members have placed in me as the State Director.

I remain steadfast and committed to meeting with you, members of our UPW family, to share in greater detail, the audit report.

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