Protecting Retirement

Hawaii UPW AFSCME Retiree Chapter 646, known as the “UPW Retiree Chapter”, is an organization that is affiliated both with AFSCME and UPW to serve retired UPW members and their families. Under the UPW Retiree Chapter, there are five sub-chapters: Hawaii Sub-Chapter, Kauai Sub-Chapter, Maui Sub-Chapter, Molokai Sub-Chapter (including members on Lanai), and Oahu Sub-Chapter. All retired persons who were members of UPW, AFSCME, Local 646, AFL-CIO and their spouses are eligible for membership in the retiree chapter. By joining the chapter as a UPW retiree member, one can continue enjoying the benefits and events/activities that are provided by both the UPW Local and Retiree Chapter.

Please contact our Membership Services Representative (MSR) at your local UPW office for details on how you can sign up for Retiree Chapter membership and benefits. Contact information is in the footer below.

Chapter Executive Board


President: Carol Noland
Vice-President: Steven Decosta
Recording Secretary: Jerry Katada Treasurer: Alison Leong

Hawaii Sub-Chapter

Vice-President: T. “Shirley” Ito
Secretary: Mildred Murakami Treasurer: Kinuko Yanagihara

Kauai Sub-Chapter

Vice-President: Dennis Sarita
Secretary: Henrietta Gonsalves Treasurer: Lillian Rapozo

Maui Sub-Chapter

Vice-President: Sylvia Valdez
Secretary: Charlotte Asato Treasurer: Betty M. De Lima

Molokai Sub-Chapter

Vice-President: Eddie Delo Reyes
Secretary: Marion Dudoit Treasurer: Lynda Dudoit

Oahu Sub-Chapter

Vice-President: Donald Goo
Secretary: M. “Buddy” Borges Treasurer: Esme Sakai

Events Schedule

Be sure to call for more information and/or to RSVP for lunch.

Oahu Sub-Chapter Meeting
August 16 @ 9:00 am – 10:00 am
Kalihi Valley District Park, 1911 Kamehameha IV Rd
Honolulu, HI 96819 
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Contact VP Bob Mielke at (808) 723-2107

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Kauai Sub-Chapter Meeting
August 16 @ 11:00 am – 12:00 pm

Contact VP Dennis Sarita at (808) 245-2628

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Maui Sub-Chapter Meeting
August 18 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
Tasty Crust Restaurant, 1770 Mill St
Wailuku, HI 96793 
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Contact VP Sylvia Valdez at (808) 269-0210

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Above, in the background: “Refuse Collection Workers”, Ceramic Tile Mural Panel 2, Jean Charlot, UPW Headquarters. Communicating the dignity and importance of the work by UPW members was just as important as memorializing the struggle for fairness. Refuse collection workers are hard working and hard living. Based on work rules that supplement the basic Unit 1 Collective Bargaining Agreement, refuse collectors’ pay is defined by an “uku pau” (complete your route) system. By working at burnout speed and disregard for their physical well-being, the workers earn full day pay as long as they finish the assigned pick-up route. During the time these murals were created, by the end of each day, collectively, 3 man manual crews, like this one, were lifting an average of 36,000 pounds (6 tons each!).

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