In Maui Division, Privatization


Governor David Ige and Hawaii Health Systems Corporation (HHSC) Maui Regional Board will host a forum on Maui next week to gather input from the community about the future of healthcare and availability of medical services on Maui.

Residents are encouraged to attend and participate in the forum, and public testimony will be taken:

On June 10th, 2015, Governor Ige signed a bill that allows Maui Region facilities including Maui Memorial Medical Center (MMMC), Kula Hospital and Lanai Community Hospital to partner with a private healthcare system. The purpose of such private-public partnership is to bring much needed financial support, resources and therefore better quality care and expanded services to Maui County.

The meeting will also provide an update on status of partnership pursuit and answer questions on the potential transition.

Two Hawaii health entities have expressed interest in participation, they are Kaiser Permanente  and Hawaii Pacific Health- both large health care providers with decades of experience in hospital management in the islands.

Last week the UPW filed suit to prevent the joint effort claiming it violated their existing contract provisions.

This is Gov. Ige’s first visit to Maui to discuss the terms under consideration.

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