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We get news out to you in two major ways through our E-News updates and the Malama Pono Newsletter. Malama Pono means to “take proper care”. Staying informed is a way for us to take proper care of Our Union Family.

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The Malama Pono newsletter is delivered to homes every two months to keep you informed about the valuable work members do in the community; info on events & meetings at the headquarters and within the division; issues affecting labor in the legislative and political arenas.


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Volume IV, Issue 9; September 29, 2017

Volume IV, Issue 9; September 29, 2017

Aloha Brothers and Sisters,

We are urging you to cast your vote for UPW President James Wataru to serve as a General Employee Trustee on the Employees’ Retirement System Board of Trustees (ERS Board).

During his service with our Union, James Wataru has demonstrated he possesses the dedication and commitment to address difficult issues related to the retirement system, and, the ability to make sound decisions.

Apart from his proven skill set, it is important we have an individual who understands the specific issues facing working families on the ERS Board. As a plumber with the Department of Accounting and General Services, working overtime through the weekends to support his family, James Wataru understands those issues. He will be a voice for working families on the ERS Board, but, more importantly, a voice for UPW.

In closing, I ask that you monitor your mailboxes for your ERS Board Election Ballot, and return it by the deadlinewith a vote in favor of James Wataru.

Me ke aloha pumehana,

Dayton M. Nakanelua
UPW State Director

Above, in the background: “Work Stoppage at Nu`uanu”, Ceramic Tile Mural Panel 6, Jean Charlot, UPW Headquarters. Despite heavy rain, Kida Nursing Home workers walked off the job in a spontaneous response to the discharge of four employees. Worker anger and the spontaneity of the action are reflected in the crudely printed slogans.   

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