In Malama Pono

Unit Election results are in!

UPW filled several vacancies during the nominations period that started on May 7.

Upon the conclusion of a nominations meeting that was held on May 28, elections were held in units with contested races for Steward and Chief Steward positions. Members voted electronically through Ballot Point election services between July 9- August 2, 2022. Voting officially closed at 9 a.m. on August 2, 2022. To be declared elected, the AFSCME International Constitution requires that a candidate receives a majority of the votes cast for a position.

Our union is strengthened by membership representation in the workplace, and we want to thank everyone who stepped up to the plate in this round of division and unit nominations and elections. Our newly elected unit officers and stewards will be representing their fellow members at their base yards and workplaces on workplace-related matters. Chief Stewards are also required to sit on their respective division boards and may be appointed to a division committee.

In recognition of our Election Committee, a big MAHALO is extended to the members sitting on the committee and certifying this election:

  • Sister Patricia “Pat” Hoopii and Brother Jon McKee from Oahu Division;
  • Brothers Jay Vanzandt and Douglas Correia from Maui Division;
  • Sister Tara Pascua and Brother William “Billy” Ortiz from Kauai Division;
  • Sisters Sheralyn Kalua and Cienna Ohigashi-Joseph from Hawaii Division; and
  • Sister Mailelyn Licos and Cindy “Ipo” Kaauamo-Naone from the Private Sector Division.


Hawaii Division

Unit 168 Hilo Wastewater

  • Unit Chief Steward
    • Alan Fukamizu – 5 votes – Elected
    • Konrad Kaipo – 2 votes

Kauai Division

Unit 221 Kauai Community College

  • Unit Chief Steward
    • Teresita Tagudin – 7 votes – Elected
    • Jose Castillo – 0 votes

Maui Division

Unit 325 Maui Community Correctional Center / BU-10

  • Unit Steward – 3rd Watch
    • Justin Kanakaole – 7 votes – Elected
    • Momi Lopez – 5 votes
    • Pita Tuliau – 1 vote

Oahu Division

Unit 467 Parks and Recreation

  • Unit Steward – District 2
    • Joseph Carter – 9 votes – Elected
    • Megan Meafou – 6 votes

Unit 476 Department of Environmental Services, Refuse Division

  • Unit Steward – Honolulu (2)
    • Lance Wong – 21 votes – Elected
    • Nicholas Phillips – 18 votes – Elected
    • Samuel Saffrey – 9 votes
  • Unit Steward – Pearl City (2)
    • Reynaldo Patricio – 9 votes – Elected
    • Joel Ugalino – 8 votes – Elected
    • Seth Spencer – 5 votes
    • Neemia Napoleon – 4 votes
Unit Election Results

Above: May 2022 Oahu Division Executive Board Meeting. Chief Stewards will sit on their respective Division Boards.

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