In Malama Pono, Maui Health System Strike

March 6, 2023

Disturbing images have recently come to light. Patients and workers within the hospital have shared photos of the deplorable conditions that exist within the premises. These images reveal blood on patient room floors, laundered sheets marked as “clean” but with visible stains and dark spots, “fresh” warm blankets from the nursery with unidentifiable stains, piles of hazardous hospital garbage piled up in the Emergency Room, dangerous materials lying around, and white towels being used as floor mops in kitchens.

The hospital’s blatant disregard for basic cleanliness and hygiene is unacceptable, and we are calling on authorities to take action against this gross neglect. These images only scratch the surface of the underlying issues that persist within the hospital. Our continued efforts to demand fair wages, safe working conditions, and better patient care have been met with resistance from the hospital management. However, we must not be deterred by their lack of action and instead continue to stand strong and demand change.

The hospital has struggled to keep up with demands since we started picketing. This demonstrates that our efforts are working, and we must continue to stand together as a union to ensure our voices are heard. We will be victorious when we all finally join as ONE OHANA. We owe it to ourselves, our patients, and our community to continue our fight for better working conditions, safer environments, and quality healthcare for all.

Stay strong, stay motivated, and continue fighting for what is right.

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