In May, Governor Ige’s administration proposed up to 20% pay cuts for UPW workers by implementing pay cuts or furloughs. But he backed off his plan because legislative leaders such as House Speaker Scott Saiki, Finance Chair Sylvia Luke, Ways & Means Chair Donovan Dela Cruz, and Senate President Ron Kouchi supported labor’s position that cuts weren’t necessary. UPW workers keep Hawaii going! 

We must continue to support labor-friendly legislators by voting for them and keeping them in office. You can find the full list of UPW endorsed candidates below.  

 Also, for the first time, Hawaii will vote by mail in the 2020 Primary Election! Voters will receive their mail ballot packet on July 21, and ballots will be counted on August 8.  

UPW Endorsed Candidates – 2020 Primary Election 

U.S. Congress
Congressional District 1: Ed Case
Congressional District 2: Kaiali’i Kahele

State Senate
District 2: Joy A. San Buenaventura
District 5: Gil A.C. Keith-Agaran
District 8: Ron Kouchi
District 9: Stanley Chang
District 10: Les S. Ihara, Jr.
District 11: Brian Taniguchi
District 13: Karl Rhoads
District 14: Donna Mercado Kim
District 15: Glenn Wakai
District 19: Kurt Fevella
District 20: Open
District 22: Donovan Dela Cruz
District 25: Chris Lee

State House of Representatives
District 1: Mark Nakashima
District 2: Christopher Todd
District 3: Richard Onishi
District 4: Greggor Ilagan
District 5: Open
District 6: Nicole Lowen
District 7: David Tarnas
District 8: Troy Hashimoto
District 9: Justin Woodson
District 10: Open
District 11: Open
District 12: Open
District 13: Lynn DeCoite
District 14: Nadine Nakamura
District 15: James Tokioka
District 16: Dee Morikawa
District 17: Open
District 18: Mark Hashem
District 19: Bert Kobayashi
District 20: Jay Ishibashi
District 21: Scott Nishimoto
District 22: Tom Brower
District 23: Dale Kobayashi
District 24: Della Au Belatti
District 25: Sylvia Luke
District 26: Scott Saiki
District 27: Takashi Ohno
District 28: John Mizuno
District 29: Daniel Holt
District 30: Open
District 31: Aaron Ling Johanson
District 32: Linda Ichiyama
District 33: Sam Kong
District 34: Gregg Takayama
District 35: Roy Takumi
District 36: Trish La Chica
District 37: Ryan Yamane
District 38: Henry Aquino
District 39: Ty Cullen
District 40: Open
District 41: Open
District 42: Sharon Har
District 43: Stacelynn Eli
District 44: Cedric Gates
District 45: Michael Chapman
District 46: Amy Perruso
District 47: Sean Quinlan
District 48: Lisa Kitagawa
District 49: Scot Matayoshi
District 50: Open
District 51: Open

Mayor: Open
District 1: Bethany J. Morrison
District 4-6: Open
District 2: Open
District 7: Jane Clement
District 3: Susan Lee Loy
District 8: Open
District 9: Philip “Ippy” Aiona
County Prosecutor: Kelden Waltjen

County Council:
    Addison Bulosan
    Luke Evslin
    Felicia Cowden
    Arryl Kaneshiro
    Mike Dandurand
    KipuKai Kuali’i
County Prosecutor: Justin F. Kollar

E. Maui/W. Maui/Wailuku/Kahului: Open
Lanai: Matt Mano
Molokai: Stacy Helm-Crivello
South Maui: Tom Cook
Upcountry: Yuki Lei Sugimura

Mayor: Keith Amemiya
District 1: Open
District 3: Alan Texeira
District 5: Calvin Say
District 7: Jacob Aki
District 9: Open
Prosecuting Attorney: Open

UPW VOTES! Let us help you and your ‘ohana register to vote. Together, we say NO to $$$ PAY CUTS and furloughs! Call UPW Office of Government Affairs (808.847.2631) for voter registration assistance or you can register easily online at: Remember, we are all in this together and your voting voice counts!

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