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We were so grateful to have Oahu Community Correctional Center Adult Correctional Officer IV Kalani Werner accompany us during our last round of Section 8 meetings on Oahu. There, he really made the case for the AFSCME PEOPLE program–a political action program we have as a weapon against corporate lobbyist money.

Talking about Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker who singlehandedly stripped public sector unions in that state of their collective bargaining rights, Werner described the ways our collective bargaining rights are slowly being eroded here, in Hawaii.

As an example, he explained that Corrections Corporation of America already has a presence in Hawaii. Our overcrowded state prison system continues to ship inmates off to the private-run facility in Arizona and are chomping at the bit to take over the whole state operation. “Like I tell my brothers and sisters in corrections,” Kalani said, “If they can privatize hospitals in Maui, they can privatize prisons.”

With Leonae Rodrigues (Oahu Division Political Action Committee Chair) for an auntie and an ILWU Union Organizer for a dad, Kalani’s Dedication Comes as no surprise. In fact, please take a minute to enjoy some common sense with Auntie Leonae about the Mayoral Race in Honolulu by clicking on the video below. She shares why she feels Mayor Kirk Caldwell will do a better job than Charles Djou, offering rebuttals to Djou’s “opinions” on the rail.

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