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Hawaii Health Systems Corporation Maui: Supplemental Agreement Signed

September 9, 2016

A supplemental agreement to temper the impact of the transition from state employment to Maui Health Systems under Kaiser was signed Tuesday by the Governor and UPW State Director Dayton M. Nakanelua.

Thanking Governor Ige for coming to the table with humility and respect, personally recognizing the work of all 1500 affected employees, Nakanelua says, “The Agreement provides for a fair agreement that recognizes the loyalty, dedication and service of the affected employees of the Maui Region.”

Similarly, the Governor thanked Nakanelua for his commitment to health care in the Maui Region, recognizing his work as “a strong advocate.”

Left to Right: UPW State Director Dayton M. Nakanelua, UPW Government Affairs Specialist Florence Kong Kee, Nurse Aide Celia Santos, Governor David Ige, Certified Nurse's Aide Kai Cockett with Kula Hospital, Governor's Cheif of Staff Michael McCartney, Licensed Practical Nurse Shaunadean Gomes, and DHRD Director James Niimoto.

Speaking directly to the language in Act 103 (2015) providing for a “smooth” transition and tempering of the impact, Nakanelua says, “Achieved through the hard work and dedication of our negotiating team members within that region, the agreement provides Maui region employees the sense of certainty as required by the statute, giving them the opportunity and a means to plan for their families in the coming months.

Our Union will continue to monitor activities in the Maui Region through the transition period in the recognition that our Union’s work there has only just begun,” continued Nakanelua.

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